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4 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Have a Website

A little over a decade ago, having a website was considered to be a luxury that not all businesses could afford. As prominent as the internet has been for decades now, until recently it was still only viewed by business owners as a luxury, rather than a necessity. Nowadays, though, things are very different. Now, having a website as a business owner is considered as important as the business itself. In fact, for some people, the internet is actually a business. Despite the fact that websites are so common and so essential, not all businesses have an online presence. This could be hurting their sales drastically. If you’ve yet to get yourself a website, here are 4 ways in which a website could improve your business.

24/7 contact

If you run a bricks and mortar business, obviously your business itself will only be open to the public for a certain amount of hours per day/week. Once it’s time to go home, you’ll switch off the lights, set the alarm, lock up, and your business will be closed. That means that there will be nobody to answer the phones, and there will be nobody for members of the public to talk to. This could potentially lose your custom. With a website, potential customers can constantly be in contact and can send over emails and inquiries, which you can then respond to at your earliest convenience. This in turn means that you’ll be more likely to land a sale.

Improve your reputation

Even though a business should not be judged on how it appears to other people, the simple fact of the matter is that first impressions matter. If you come across a business with a professionally designed website with a user-friendly layout, this gives a good first impression. If however, you come across a business with no website, or an ancient and out-dated website, this could perhaps create the impression that the business is old-fashioned, and perhaps gives the impression that they don’t care.

Great form of advertising

Another hugely important reason to have a website as a business owner is because it serves as a great form of advertising. Your website will prominently and proudly display your business name, logo, colors, and brand to the outside world. Not only that, but if you keep on top of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can also boost yourself up the rankings on the search engines and reach a wider demographic. The more people that see your website, the more people will be aware of your business.

Increase your earnings

Finally, the last reason why you need to invest in a website as a business owner, is the fact that it can help you to make more money. E-commerce stores that operate online are now extremely popular and common. Basically, you can offer services and goods online, so people can purchase online in the comfort of their own homes. If you have a bricks and mortar store on the High Street, offering goods/services via your website basically means that you now have two shops and more people can now purchase from you.

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